PTW: 5th Stop- Languedoc: Roussillon


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Departure: Wednesday, May 24 at 7 p.m.

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Bonjour! Although some come close, no other country has mastered the art of pairing wine and food quite like France. The French take the saying “what grows together, goes together” to heart, setting glasses of local wine beside plates of terroir-driven meals to create unforgettable and elevated dining experiences.


Join us as we travel through the wine regions of France, via your glass and plate!


There’s something both exotic and approachable about Languedoc, the northern swath of the sister territories known as Languedoc-
Roussillon. Its wines, culled from over 100 grape varieties grown here, are as varied as the jigsaw of its microclimates and terrains, which stretch along the Mediterranean between Provence and the Spanish border.


Tickets are $99 per person* and include three regional tasting dishes created by Executive Chef, Sean Force, paired with three wines selected by sommelier Lisa Ribaudo.


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